We are happy to announce that our paper got the “Best Paper Award” at the Forum on specification & Design Languages (FDL2019) in Southampton, United Kingdomm on September 2-4, 2019:

  • George Ungureanu, Timmy Sundström, Anders Åhlander, Ingo Sander and Ingemar Söderquist. 2019. Formal Design, Co-Simulation and Validation of a Radar Signal Processing System. Proceedings of the Forum on specification & Design Languages [DOI|url|bib|slides]

This paper has been written in collaboration with our industrial partners at Saab AB, and summarizes the work and results presented in the “Design of Sensor Signal Processing with ForSyDe: Modeling, Validation and Synthesis” technical report. The friendly atmosphere at FDL spawned many interesting discussions and we are grateful that we got the chance to meet, discuss and present next to top researchers in our community.