The SystemC ForSyDe

ForSyDe-SystemC uses the SystemC class library to implement ForSyDe.

An intermediate representation of ForSyDe models based on XML and C++ files, called ForSyDe-XML, can be used for development of analysis and synthesis backends. Currently, ForSyDe-SystemC can generate this intermediate representation by means of introspection.

Getting the Tools

The latest version of our supporting modeling libraries and development tools can be obtained from the repository or by clicking on the download button above. If you are interested in a specific release, check the releases section of the repository.

Installation and usage

Following the link, you can find instructions on setting up ForSyDe-SystemC on your machine.


You can find additional documentation on ForSyDe-SystemC by following links below:

  • SY MoC Tutorial: a small example of modeling a synchronous process network in ForSyDe-SystemC.
  • SDF MoC Tutorial: an example of up/down sampler modeled in the synchronous data flow MoC in ForSyDe-SystemC.
  • CT MoC Tutorial: an example of a low-pass filter modeled in the continuous time MoC in ForSyDe-SystemC.
  • API documentation: extended documentation generated with Doxygen.