ForSyDe-SystemC API Documentation


This documentation is supplied as the API-level guideline for using the ForSyDe-SystemC library. It is generated automatically from the library source code and is updated with the library itself.

Scope and Purpose

This document provides the designer with information about the constructs provided by the library and how they can be used practically. It does NOT describe the general modeling concepts and formalisms behind ForSyDe.

It is suggested to consult the ForSyDe webpage and Wiki page before starting modeling with this library. More information and tutorials are available there.

Using the Documentation

ForSyDe-SystemC library mainly includes constructs to build processes in different Models of Computation (MoCs) and connect them using domain interfaces.

Namespaces and MoCs

Everything provided by the ForSyDe-SystemC library is a member of the ForSyDe namespace. In addition, there is a separate sub-namespace dedicated to each MoC which includes process constructors and other constructs related to that specific MoC. There are different MoCs suported in ForSyDe-SystemC:

- Synchronous MoC in ForSyDe::SY
- Untimed MoC in ForSyDe::UT and its Synchronous Dataflow variant in ForSyDe::SDF
- Two timed MoCs Distributed Discrete-Event in ForSyDe::DDE and Discrete-Time in ForSyDe::DT
- Continuous-Time MoC in ForSyDe::CT