DATE2018 IPs

Two papers from the ForSyDe Group have been presented at the Design Automation and Test in Europe 2018 (DATE ‘18) in Dresden, Germany, during March 19-23:

  • George Ungureanu, José E. G. de Medeiros and Ingo Sander. 2018. Bridging discrete and continuous time models with Atoms. [url|bib]

  • José E. G. de Medeiros, George Ungureanu and Ingo Sander. 2018. An algebra for modeling continuous time systems. [url|bib]

Both papers have been accepted as interactive presentations and have had successful poster sessions which mustered fruitful discussions with fellow researchers. The manuscripts have been published in the Proceedings of 2018 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE), and can be viewed by following the URLs above.