A new web page for the ForSyDe-Atom project

Continuing our (by now) established routine of publishing web pages every few days, we are happy to announce the new ForSyDe-Atom public web page. This page tries to gather the continuously growing list of examples and documents related to the ambitious aforementioned project.

ForSyDe-Atom is a framework for modeling and simulating cyber-physical systems (CPS), which focuses on disciplined design, by pushing the idea of othogonalization of concerns to its limits. Inheriting much from the functional programming paradigm, it provides a unified framework where each concern (i.e. class of properties such as function, timing, protocol, parallelism, etc.) is expressed within its own environment called layer. Each layer defines primitive semantic blocks called atoms, hence the framework’s name. By composing the atoms in certain patterns, we provide a library of building blocks commonly used in CPS design.

We recommend checking the web page and following it for updates which are certain to come soon. Among highlights, we recommend: