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Welcome to IDeSyDe’s documentation page! Here you can find some quick links to help you navigate the documentation and also to situate you about the tool (and its methods).

Quick facts

What is IDeSyDe?

A generic tool for the Design Space Exploration activity within a Model-Based System design flow such as ForSyDe.

The key element in IDeSyDe is the underlying concept of Design Space Idenfitication.

IDeSyDe is in fact an implementation of it, and it powers all guarantees and decoupling seen in the tool itself. Want to know more? Try Concepts!

What is IDeSyDe not?

It is not a mathematical solver such as Gurobi or CPLEX, it is not a constraint solver such as Gecode or chuffled, nor a general meta-heuristic optimization framework such as Opt4j or JMetal.

It uses all these applications and libraries to explore the design space of models that make better sense to a system designer, such as AMALTHEA or ForSyDe IO.

A quick glance at Concepts can likely clarify this further!

What can IDeSyDe do for me?

As a tool for Design Space Exploration, IDeSyDe can potentially give you design decisions on your models such as mappings, schedules, allocations among others.

These decisions are not random: they respect design constraints such as memory, time or energy.

This also means that if you let IDeSyDe run long enough, and have just the right amount of computational resources, it can can give back a solution “Your design is not possible”. It is always good to know designs are not possible before they crash!

How can I use it?

That depends on how big the current identification library is!